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April 21, 2017



This tea reminds me of the one I used to drink, slowly sipping from my favourite cup. I remember the tea set, coated in silver, and my little fine cup, that had stamped on the bottom the Bavarian logo.

I remember that steaming tea, orange in colour, on to...

April 11, 2017


Volume: The Seconds of Teardrops

The Seconds Hurt Me

The seconds of your tears hurt me,

Hurt me deep.

On shards of heavy words

I run barefooted,

Trying to grasp you.

The seconds of the passing moments hurt me,

Hurt me profound.

Your perfume, lost in the distance;

And yo...

April 10, 2017



       I was sitting alone in a corner, waiting. The lamp lit the room. It was cold and she wasn’t coming.

      The branches of a tree were hitting the window and the wind was pulling petal by petal the flowers still so young. I...

April 4, 2017



     We made love that night, the two of us, on those black sheets. I could not tell which was the carpet, the bed or the walls… the entire room whose shape I still do not know, was dressed in black sheets. Soft, silky. The candles were throwing orange fla...

March 23, 2017

     I found this daffodil in the garden this morning. All in bloom. Noticed it last week while it was still in bud but seeing the degree of damage done by caterpillars it did not occur to me it will still grow this much. As a botanist, I know the resilience of plants,...

March 23, 2017

The beauty of nature awaken in the fresh spring and the thirst for the new starting life. I cannot get passed the way it avidly holds the flower cup to sip the nectar. Mesmerising! 

© 2017Carmen Silva

March 21, 2017

Have been taking a couple of days off from acting as a result of a medical impediment as I like to call it. I guess I realised I cared too much for people and stuff that did not reciprocate and consumed myself hard enough to end up in a bit of a strain. Trying not to t...

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