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It Was a Teardrop / Like Heartbeat to the Heart


Volume: The Seconds of Teardrops

It was a teardrop

And there! It rains!

It was a teardrop of mine

Falling on the soul of the world,

That touched you in its way

But it did not bring you back.

I paint your name on the canvas of the world

Waiting for your return but, except you,

Nothing can feed my hungered soul,

Not even the thought that you might return

Touched by a teardrop of mine

Raining from my heart.

© 2018 Carmen Silva


Volum: Secundele Lacrimilor

Era o lacrimă…

Şi iată că plouă!

Era o lacrimă de-a mea

Căzândă pe a lumii suflet

Ce te-a atins în drumul ei

Dar nu mi te-a adus înapoi.

Nimic nu mă poate vindeca

Aşa cum o fac ochii tăi,

Nici măcar gândul că poate vei reveni

Atins de-o lacrimă de-a mea

Plouândă de pe al meu suflet.

© 2018 Carmen Silva



Volume: The Seconds of Teardrops

Belonging like heartbeat to the heart

Cold drops of rain are falling,

My veil cannot protect

My hair, my face, my tears,

From merging with the earth.

And on your grave, I’m falling,

Remaining in the mud,

I feel just like belonging,

Like heartbeat to the heart.

I want to reach you, darling,

I want to hold you tight,

My feet are roots, and growing,

My body’s now a trunk.

And branches my arms are,

And also, is my hair,

My veil is little flowers

That sparks above your head.

How come that I am here,

Like this, so close to you?

My love for you, forever,

Will make me always bloom.

These blossoms of sweet cherries…,

I think they are my love.

Who would have ever thought of

such a perfect end?

© 2018 Carmen Silva

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