Actor.    Artist.   Writer.   Scientist.   

Lover of life and colour.

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People want to know who other people are. So, who am I? Well…

   I am an Actor. I became one due to passion. Due to dreams. Due to a long hidden wish. In 2014 I arrived in the United Kingdom from Romania, leaving the safe world I knew behind. London became my home. Since then it was only one way, straight ahead, hard work, devotion, and burning passion. No fear from the camera. Close-ups and I are in love every time “Action” is shouted. “Cut” is a disturbance.

  I am a Scientist. I worked for 5 years as a Research Assistant Ph.D. at the Science Department of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania in the field of Water Quality Assessments. Previously, for 4 relentless years, I have worked on my Ph.D. becoming a Biologist. To be more exact, a Botanist. Of all the subjects I studied since day 1 of school, Botany and Chemistry were the ones to steal my heart. The final choice shows which one truly mesmerised me but I will always remember the laboratory and the experiments with a heart full of excitement. More information on my previous career can be found via Linked In .

   I am a Writer. Have been for years. Even before I became a scientist. I was about 14 years old when my first rhymes began to touch the blank pages. By 16 they started to have more form. By 18, 20, 22, they were in bloom. After 20, I started writing prose too. When I reached 23 I stopped. I was half through my studies in Biology and preparing for the admission to the Ph.D. studies. All was put to a stop. Now, that part of me is back. Acting opened my soul up like a flower in the sunshine. And all of that is getting a new coat, even a translation on a side, and are ready to see the light of day. Ready to finally be read. My blog section is only a little bit down the Menu so please feel free to scroll down the pages. A poem, a little story, a file of journal and even a little bit of Nature will welcome you.

   I am an Artist. I love colour. I like drawing and painting when I have the time. I always dreamed of seeing one day my designs on the runway. Sometimes I draw plants. Nature has always been my source of inspiration. I have been staring at a few blank canvases for a while. Their turn has come. You will  see them soon also on my Blog page.

© 2015 Carmen Silva; London, UK