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Let's see if it's a scam: Cashback (part 2)

Hi! Back with the second part of my quest, a little late though I may add, but since the first article in which I mentioned something about getting a job, I actually went to a couple of interviews and yes, got one.

While the Cashback process went on, and had its finalization, I delayed writing the story while adapting to my new job environment. But enough with that! How about Cashback?

It worked! Oh, yeah! It paid in the end!

On June 17th, 2022 I made my claim. In the days before, I watched how my levels were validated one by one. Yet, one remained unfinished, and although I had another task done on level 4, I wanted my reward. Remember the money I bet on a horse? That task. It bugged me enough that I had to place a bet - I know, overly moral - and I wanted my £20 promised for that.

On June 16th I wrote an email to Cashback helpdesk. Had my screenshots attached - the ones about the "started" level and the bet receipt. They were quick to reply and asked for one more proof - the transaction details of the deposit. As I am quite compulsive in having proof about things, I had that screenshot somewhere in my photo gallery. As soon as I sent it, the task was validated and the money added to the pot (pictures below - the first three show the validated levels but the sum is only £61.50. The fourth photo shows the final sum).

During the days before claiming I made sure all my subscriptions were cancelled. Did not want to spend my possible soon earned money on anything other than a bill I wanted to pay. Lucky me, with the £20 from the betting task, I managed to pay two bills - my phone, and a credit monthly rate I made in spring for updating my electronic devices around the house - you know, with the demented rise in electricity prices all over the world? Yeah, literally needed a new cooking machine, a new TV and got myself a new laptop, very small - one I am using right now, to have mobility and not carry around a relic of about 8 years and 4 kilos.

When time was right, I made my claim and it all went quite quick. The money arrived in a few days. On the 21th I had £81.50 entering my bank account. I know it's little money for some. A lot for others. For me it was just what I needed to get my mood up in a moment when I was jobless, and my entertainment career still down the drain as the last wing flap currents of the pandemic are still blowing everything away.

As I am concerned, Cashback it's not a scam. I know the tasks are annoying or repetitively boring at best, involve playing the lottery or betting - a lot; getting subscriptions to channels, and the dreaded surveys, but hey! Some may have the patience for that. I know for sure I won't be doing it again.

As a result from it, I am still receiving tons of emails, messages and even had some phone calls from all kinds of companies selling something, or wanting to get you with a "better deal". Still spending time unsubscribing... my God, it's August. Yeah, over eight weeks later, still trying to end the invasion of promotional emails. Hopefully it will stop soon.

Is it easy money? Not sure. To me, easy money means loving what you do even if it's long, hard work. I didn't like this one. So no, for me, it was not easy money; but in the end, easy is a relative term, and for some this is definitely that.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I'll be back on the job, and maybe I will find something new to write about.

Have a lovely day my darlings, and enjoy every day the best you can!

Carmen Silva

© 2022 Carmen Silva


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