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Let's see if it's a scam: Cashback (Part 1)

I see a lot of people claiming to have made easy money on sites like Cashback. And you know what? I tried too. Bored from things not yet moving again after the pandemic, for me at least, I started looking up ways to make some little money.

Jobs are only a few in my area that would suit my situation, and as I am still waiting for replies on my applications, I tried to look for other means.

Two days ago on Monday May, 30th 2022, I begun my Cashback adventure.

What one must do is subscribe, then follow 15 levels with different tasks to choose from, and of course, complete at least one from each level. The tasks are relatively various, saying "relatively" is because the majority mean subscribing to movie channels, lotto sites, doing gambling assignments, and all kinds of other offers including surveys. But mainly, it's quite dull.

Of course, to get money one must spend money! Hm, that got me thinking.

I tried not to spend. I paid £8 (could have been way more) on my 15 levels.

The rest were a series of subscriptions - free trials to be more exact, which I do have to remember to cancel them in time, as I would spend more than I would earn, and where would be the advantage in that?

So, on what exactly have I spent my £8?

Firstly, I paid £1 for a lottery ticket, plus made a subscription to the Lottery site. Mind you, I cancelled that subscription today as for Friday, it would have taken £14 out of my account. Now, my curiosity lies in whether my level will be confirmed or not. You see, the confirmation is to come in 15 days.

Secondly, I spent £5 betting on a horse! At least, there was no subscription to be made here. The condition was to deposit £5, and use them all by betting. I did. BUT! It's been 2 days and the task only shows as "started". To complete that level I had to make a subscription to a TV channel. I will have to write to them, show them the receipt, and ask for my deserved payment. I will let you know how it goes!

The last £2 were used to pay for samples from the same producer. As there were two different items, on two different levels, I did it. It will be confirmed in 14 days. Now, the thing is, I have to cancel before the 14 days pass, because otherwise I will be receiving and paying for products I don't really want to buy, if I want to actually earn some money from Cashback.

Another annoying task was completing surveys. Oh, how I dislike surveys! Two levels had this task. Tried both, only on one I managed to complete (still 15 days to confirm), but the second I had to discard, and do another task (a subscription) because I was no good fit for any survey!

It's tiring to just input the same data, and find nothing that fits. You see, they look for people from different occupations than mine. Who needs a scientist turned actor/writer/artist with no "-holics", like shopaholic? Or someone who doesn't play console games, or buy online all the time, or use complex software? I am none of that!

By the way, have you ever seen the surveys regarding TV and Radio programmes?? They ask things I will never know! I watch a few programs here and there, but I would never remember or notice all the things they want to know. I realised I don't actually watch TV. And it felt good!

After the survey levels my heart felt really GOOD! For I know now, I live my life in such a better way then lost in the media world, or victim to buying things.

To me, the whole experience felt weird. Doing the entire Cashback thing.

I never was, nor am I today, someone who feels at ease with making money in this way. I like to work for it, to feel I deserve my income. One other thing, I have never placed a bet in my life! Of course, the horse I bet on, lost. On top of it, I got really stressed, because I don't gamble! I do the odd Lottery ticket, but gamble?? God, I felt like I did something morally wrong.

My Monday afternoon was full of pacing around the house and stress cooking. I felt guilty for the whole Cashback process. At least today, I feel good enough to write this. Maybe is my way of venting out. Below there's the gallery containing screenshots of my adventure, including the gambling ticket.

I will keep at it. After all, I started the thing and I will like to see it finished. Also, I spent money on it which I want back, and would pretty much like my time to be fructuous. I will look upon it as a research job.

In two weeks time, I will let you know if I can cash in my "earnings". Who knows, maybe it is not a scam. It remains to be seen.

Have a lovely summer day, my friends, and thank you for your time!

Carmen Silva

© 2022 Carmen Silva


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