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I WILL ALWAYS BLOOM. NO MATTER WHAT. For the victims of the March 22nd, 2017 terrorist attack (Londo

I found this daffodil in the garden this morning. All in bloom. Noticed it last week, while it was still in bud but, seeing the degree of damage done by caterpillars it did not occur to me it will still grow this much.

As a botanist, I know the resilience of plants, the determination build deep inside to grow anywhere, and make sure they seed in any given conditions. Simplified, their life has 3 rules. First rule: grow. Second rule: follow the sun, it will mature you. Third rule: bloom.

But somehow today, in the light of the latest terrorist attack that hit London on the 22nd of March 2017, I was less a botanist or a gardener. I was a Londoner who saw in the broken blooming flower a promise that we will never stop, and never should stop, no matter what.

As humans, no matter where from, us who care about one another, let us never go down on our knees bent by the heaviness of hatred. Let’s bloom even if tore. Let’s grow and shine even if shredded.

Just bloom and show to the bearers of decay, that we are born to rise above everything.

No matter what.

© 2017 Carmen Silva

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