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March 31, 2018


Volume: The Seconds of Teardrops

And then…

Where do they wonder

The lost delusions

And the great dreams?

Where have they perished?

Where have they died?

In silence…

Lost innuendoes

To what has been

Die out, echoes,


I hear them laughing

I see them grinning,

Hurting me,


March 22, 2018


Volume: The Seconds of Teardrops

Let me

Oh, let me cry

At your headstone today,

And let the autumn come

With rain and memories,

And let the leaves

Fall one more time

Counting the silence

Shrouding your grave.

I want you to let me cry

At your headstone today;

And let me co...

March 17, 2018


Volume: The Seconds of Teardrops

It was a teardrop

And there! It rains!

It was a teardrop of mine

Falling on the soul of the world,

That touched you in its way

But it did not bring you back.

I paint your name on the canvas of the world

Waiting for your return but, exc...

March 15, 2018

Love Nature!

© 2018 Carmen Silva

March 15, 2018

I miss the good old hot summer days when Nature buzzes with life!

© 2018 Carmen Silva

February 15, 2018


Volume: The Seconds of Teardrops


I know you still come down

From above

And carry your footsteps

Spectral, amidst the tombs.

Through the deserted cemetery,

Just you,

With your autumn

And its rains.

© 2018 Carmen Silva


Volum: Secundele Lacrimilor


December 4, 2017

Winter is upon us and I miss summer so, I took a peak at some footage from the garden. 

Just look at the speed of the feeding process!!  Not much to say - it's a fly, not  a bee - notice the long  proboscis sponging the fertile flowers full of pollen :)

© 2017...

December 4, 2017


Volume: The Seconds of Teardrops

Sweet Cherry Flowers

It rains sweet cherry flowers

Whitening your grave,

In the twilight of forgetfulness

I get up, I look at it, and I weep.

It snowed not long ago over the sad cherry tree;

Its petals fall upon you

And cover the white...

October 27, 2017


Volume: The Seconds of Teardrops


Why did my sweet dreams

die long ago?

Such sweet dreams,

of a quiet child?

Why did, in its flight

towards the light, die away

Even the last crumb

of that happy thought?

Why did I let depart

the death train from the platform?

Why is my...

October 27, 2017

An absolute victory from my point of view - the moment the garden became an environment suitable for reproduction. In this world where urbanisation is taking so much from the wild life I find itmy duty to do my best and help in any way possible. For now I found that wa...